“The Secret Of Paradise – Mysteries of the Pacific Coast of Ecuador”
By Patricio Tamariz and Bo Rinaldi

In This New Book You Will Discover

  • The Mysteries of the Pacific Coast of Ecuador
  • Where Paradise on Earth is flourishing even today
  • The ancient history that inspires and guides us all daily
  • The way to create a brighter future for everyone on Planet Earth
  • The history of an ancient land and its people and their well kept secret
  • How a virtually unknown culture can help shape our future and the course of history
  • The unique occurrences that happen daily in Bahia, Ecuador at the Eco Resort Chirije
  • The Secret to living in harmony, creating an Eco City, living in paradise and the Tamariz family

The “Secret of Paradise” is available now at Amazon, locally in Bahia, Ecuador and around the world at better bookstores everywhere.